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Japanese crosswords (nonogram) are a very fascinating type of graphical crossword puzzles that develop logic, figurative thinking and erudition. Japanese crossword is a puzzle, in which with the help of numbers some image is encrypted. The aim of the puzzle is to completely reconstruct this image. Numbers listed at the left and top of the crossword puzzle describe groups of shaded cells (going in a row, without gaps) horizontally and vertically, respectively. And the order of these numbers describes the order of these groups, but where each group begins and ends – is unknown (in fact, to determine their position and is the task of the puzzle). Each digit represents a separate group of a given size (i.e. digit 5 represents a group of five consecutive colored cells, 1 represents a group of one single colored cell). There must be at least one unpainted cell between groups of the same color.
Mouse click to paint a cell

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Game Instructions

Mouse click to paint a cell

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