K-Sniper Squid Game Challenge
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K-Sniper Squid Game Challenge

Squid Games – 456 Survival K Challenge Squid Game is survival shooting games based on Red Light, Green Light. The most thrilling challenges in survival games are based on popular K-drama. Become the ultimate survivor. Shoot down all failed players! Aim through your sniper scope and make your best shot! Take challenges and BE CAREFUL! Play as the sniper and try to shoot all squid runners in this death run challenge. Knock Down your competitors in the squid game Play the most famous game now! Become the ultimate sniper bringing home the prize of 45.6 billion won Shoot down players that don’t play by the rules! Don’t let anyone escape! Games: – Red Light, Green Light – Sugar Honeycombs – Tug-of-war – Marbles – Glass Stepping Stones – The Squid Game – The Squid Game Shooting and more. Enjoy this free and simple squid game.
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