Free Racing Ayn
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Free Racing Ayn

Free Racing Ayn, perform stunts in a huge free space with super sports cars. Collect 115 gems hidden in the «free driving» area in this game, and show off your driving skills. With these diamonds, you can buy new Super sport vehicles. 15 Super sport cars are available in the garage. 11 of them are locked. Can you buy all the cars? Drive in the free zone. Every 3 minutes, the «prize table» opens. You earn money on this prize table. In the vast» free-riding «area, there are places where you can» stunt «or» drift.»
Move: *ARROW KEYS* – *WASD* Nitro: *n*Camera : *c*HandBrake : *space*

Game Instructions

Move: *ARROW KEYS* - *WASD* Nitro: *n*Camera : *c*HandBrake : *space*

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